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The Ultimate SAP Course is a DVD with five components that are designed to let you learn SAP at home so that you do not have to travel to a particular location just to attend a seminar or SAP training classes. This is a timely course for people who want to increase their income either by being promoted in their companies or by providing consulting services. This type of knowledge and training has a good chance of boosting income for people because SAP is arguably the most popular Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software worldwide. And because various departments are involved with ERP, such as finance, production, human resources, sales and accounting, a broad range of people can really benefit from the UltimateSAP Course.

It is important to point out that the Ultimate SAP Course is not an online SAP course because the DVD contains Computer-based Training (CBT) programs and e-books. These are mostly interactive applications that include animation and user interactivity to make the learning process much simpler and easier. With this DVD you will be able to learn how to use SAP for your daily business operations and its project life cycle after 24 sessions with these CBT programs. Each session will only last for at most only one hour.

With this course, a person can learn how to utilize the SAP enterprise software to develop, construct, deploy, gather, access, examine, show and manage data. The power of the ERP software is that the database can be utilized by the various departments so that when a particular department makes certain modifications to the data, these will cause corresponding changes to the data that are utilized by the other departments. Thus, knowledge about the various functions and options available through SAP can prepare you for important positions in any of these departments.


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Included in the UltimateSAP Course are workbooks, handbooks and examination programs that can prepare you for certification. This means that you no longer have to attend one of the SAP certification courses because with this course you will be ready for the tests as it also contains several exercises and a number of examination guides that include questions and answers that will make it easier for you to pass the certification test.

The Major Components of the Course

The first primary component of this course is for users of SAP R/3. The content of this Ultimate SAP Course component includes the fundamentals of SAP R/3, customer order processing, production planning, project systems, materials acquisition and payment, system management, customer relationship management, accounting, materials requirements, product costing, financial management, warehouse management, supply chain management, and customer shipping and delivery. Other materials found in this component include the style guide for SAP R/3, tips and tricks, installation of SAP, and ABAP programming.

The second major component of this course is the SAP Library. It contains business information, the major parts of SAP ERP, the SAP J2EE Engine, Warehouse, SAP database, components of mySAP technology, R/3 Enterprise 4.70, and Basis technology. This particular module is for consultants, executives, potential SAP customers, and members of project teams.

The third key component of the UltimateSAP Course focuses on Advanced Business Application Programming (ABAP), which is the high level programming language developed by SAP. It has a syntax that is comparable to COBOL and it is intended to program the Web Application Server of SAP and it can be used by SAP customers to introduce improvements to the different SAP applications. ABAP is a part of the SAP Basis, which is the technological platform for providing support to the whole range of SAP programs. With this course, some of the topics that are included are the basics of ABAP, output statements, data structures, data retrieval, internal tables, SELECT statements, online debugging, fundamentals of ABAP programming, processing of internal tables, authorization, control statements, data declarations, how to catch runtime errors, and modularization methods.


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The fourth major component of the Ultimate SAP Course focuses on project management using SAP R/3. This is a non-technical guide for users and, obviously, this part is for project managers and SAP consultants and those who are aspiring to become one. This particular component is in the form of a SAP training PDF with various screen shots to demonstrate how to run transactions within the SAP R/3 system. Some of the topics tackled in this component are the keywords and the basics of project management, cost planning and control, project structure planning, case studies, earned value analysis, capacity planning, scheduling, and implementation. Meanwhile, the fifth major component is a surprise for the user and will only be revealed after the purchase of the course.

How the Ultimate SAP Course Performed

Despite the low price, this course contains practically all that is there to know to help a person achieve his goal of getting a promotion or working as a SAP consultant. The instructions are clear and are effective in guiding the user through the different steps that are necessary in going through the entire course. The interactive nature of the CBTs make it feel like you are in classroom or workshop where an instructor patiently guides you as you make your way through the various parts of the course.

Overall, the UltimateSAP Course is worth every cent and much more because it has done a great job of making a difficult subject easy to understand. The SAP ERP system is indeed complex and difficult to master. But with this course and its interactive CBTs and e-books, the information can be easily absorbed and very soon the user will find that he is ready for the certification examinations. A short time after that, a promotion with much higher pay or becoming a consultant specializing on SAP is possible. Because experience is valuable to get those coveted high-paying positions, it is advisable to immediately find ways to put into practice what you have learned during the time that you are undergoing the Ultimate SAP Course. After these, an improvement in the user’s career and income is likely to follow.


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Included in the UltimateSAP course is the following:

-> A 70 chapter training module

-> A Complete SAP library

-> SAP Configuration and Training Guides

-> A SAP Exam Resource Pack, including study packs, sample test questions and exercises so that your exam will be a breeze, as well as training guides

-> A 1,000 page SAP Project Management Book

-> A Special 500 page course on SAP Security

-> The Ultimate SAP ABAP 4 Training Manual

-> A Complete ABAP Course

-> An additional Project Management Course

Additionally the course includes interactive flash modules and full CBT’s with intelligent self-assessment.


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  2. The Ultimate SAP Course is a DVD with five components that are designed to let you Learn SAP at home so that you do not have to travel to a particular location just to attend a seminar or SAP training classes.

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